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NYC Marathon with Team V! Check the link below 🤗

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Black lives matter ❤️ stop, listen, learn, be kind, be love. #blackouttuesday #istandwithyou

6 days ago

the past 6 weeks or so: a docuseries

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hey @bowdoinwbb meet you in Baxter basement?

last month

last month

Veryyy raw (and I mean very raw ) but I wrote a song a couple weeks ago. It started as a little list I had made of things I didn’t know that I didn’t know until this quarantine, and it turned into a therapeutic way to express all the super bright and not so bright sides of this crazy time we are all in. One of those bright sides being time to be creative and expressive and introspective and yaaaaa! I had originally called it 6 feet but then @lukecombs beat me to the punch and like he’s way cooler so now it’s nameless for now. Ok bye #quarantinesongs #6feet #songwriting

last month

Since my head injury I haven’t been able to run for a full year. Anyone who knows me knows that running is one of my favorite things on earth. It’s my therapy, my happy place, makes my body and mind feel strong. It’s been a really hard 12+ months without running, and a scary and intimidating experience getting back into it. It’s a mental battle: my brain tries to tell me to quit every step of the way... Today I went to the school I grew up running track on, where I first learned I loved to run. I decided to go for a run with no expectations for how far or how fast I would go. I would simply run as long as it felt good. And today it felt so good!! It rained the whole way but I felt nothing but sun. I cried when I finished and then laughed the whole way home. I can’t tell you the last time I ran 7 miles. At one point I honestly thought I was never gonna run again. But here we are! Can’t wait to keep going and get even faster and stronger 💪🏻

last month

Grateful for fresh air, allagash, and my quarantine buddy 🐶

Mar 2020

A year ago I took a fall that changed my life - and almost no one knew about it. It’s funny that somehow through this time of global isolation, we are able to find more space for truth, acceptance and understanding. I fell and hit my head in March of 2019, and what I expected to be a quick recovery turned into a year of pain, confusion, anxiety, a lot of doctors, anger, regret, and pretty much any other emotion that you can name. I have never truly understood brain injuries and concussion syndrome until this experience happened to me, and I was sure I was never going to get better. But also in my darkest hours, I got my masters degree, I saw some of my favorite humans fall in love, I got a new job, I learned the piano and reconnected with music, which arguably makes me happier than anything else in the world. And most importantly, cultivated an important relationship with myself, one that was gentle and full of patience, as well as learned that nothing can replace good family and friends. To the few I let in during my struggles, I am eternally grateful for you. This moment in time we are all experiencing together reminds me a lot of my injury, which I’m still working through daily, but undoubtedly getting stronger every day! This picture was taken a year ago, and I can tell you that version of me would never think I would feel as well as I do now. Through uncertainty and fear, we can also find more strength and connection than we knew was possible. I truly am inspired by all of the good I’ve seen come out of trying times, and I am very hopeful to see what the world becomes out of this. Hoping for nothing but health and happiness for everyone 💛

Feb 2020

Monday who? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Feb 2020

obsessed w/ u @lennonstella !! #kissingotherpeople

Jan 2020

skating into 25 ✨

Jan 2020

\ wrong direction \

Dec 2019

tuck & scout could NOT contain their excitement about being in the christmas card 🐾

Dec 2019

| somewhere only we know |

Dec 2019

reunion weekend maine edition brought to you by bud lighttt! my whole dang heart - miss you fools already

Dec 2019

happy because it’s officially christmas szn 🌲

Oct 2019

go selenaaa

Oct 2019

wholesome weekend

Oct 2019

Happy birthday to one of my most favorite people in the world to hug! Here’s to a year just as magical as your last - I love you more, Grum💕

Aug 2019

A very, happy Hancock clan got even bigger and even happier! A special past weekend watching Grum&Grog tie the knot 🦋

Aug 2019


Jul 2019

Had the best time celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Merrill!! We love you so much 💕 cheers to your beautiful life together 🥂

Jul 2019

same shit, different day