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Lebanese with a little Swedish in me 🙃 Never not hungry. I love hockey, food, my husband, our dogs - in that order. Business: inquiries @myotis .co

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The LA paradox.

5 days ago

My hands are shaking typing this I’m so nervous and excited for the release of Ramy season 2, STREAMING NOW ON HULU!! I want to thank @ramy for this surreal opportunity, and for being so kind, and so understanding, and for giving me a voice on his show. I will never forget this, and I will always be grateful to you, not just for letting me loiter on set all day, but for making this show in the first place. I’m speechless and ugly crying.

2 weeks ago

Thank you guys so much for the feedback and support on this page so far! I moved the link to my bio ☺️ I check my email regularly and will leave a submission box for questions on my story weekly to get to know what you ladies want to see more more of 🥰💕

2 weeks ago

I’m ready to play “poop or chocolate?” with a toddler after this.

2 weeks ago

One year ago today, vs. TODAY 🤯 Least now I know Robert means it when he says he loves me at any weight, cause he proposed to my Before 😅💍

2 weeks ago

Restaurants were the only way to get me out of the house after 3pm. I miss them. A lot.

3 weeks ago

Daddy’s girl ♥️

4 weeks ago

I walk around the house bucking at my dogs to remind them I’m swole now and could win a fight against them. Just in case they’re staging a coup.

4 weeks ago

Wild weekends at The Sandberg house @robertsandberg ♥️

last month

@ramy season 2. Tagging @mahershalaali because it’s mother-fucking Mahershala Ali, y’all 🤯😭

last month

20 MILLION FOLLOWERS 🤯 Thank you ALL so much for your love, and hate! Either way, it raises my CPM 🥰

last month

♥️ @robertsandberg

last month

It took my uncoordinated ass an entire HOUR to learn this dance, and my audience of one dog couldn’t care less 🤣 #quarantine (TikTok link in bio ) (also, shoutout to @chiaraferragni and @fedez yelling choreography at her in her story that i watched to learn this 😂😂😂 )

last month

At least one of us isn’t useless @robertsandberg 🥰

last month

Said hi to the sun from a social distance today and went right back inside

last month

Constantly having to ask @lucaspaul to repeat his instructions because my children don’t know how to leave me alone.

last month

Happy Easter from The Sandbergs in sunny locked down LA ☀️🐣💕 this photo is from yesterday, but we’re both still dressed the same, so it counts 🤝

last month

I just want to say thank you to my virtual personal trainer across the country, @lucaspaul ☺️ He’s given me the confidence to feel like my rinky dinky little home gym (panic purchased on amazon the day LA closed gyms ) can give me the same ass-kicking results my daily 2-3 megaformer, versaclimber, and weight training workouts used to. He gets so creative with my limited equipment- and found a way to give me a full body lagree workout using just a band and discs 💕🥺 (He can also teach your dog sign language )

last month

5 day unwashed hair, recycled scenery cause I only have 3 mirrors, and Lycra is the brand ✋🏼

last month

Copenhagen. Staff meal behind Kong Hans with @robertsandberg on the last day of my second trip out there during our long(gggggg ) distance days. Captured on film by @bonjwing 📷 #HappyDays

last month

When it was legal to be outside. 📸: @yoyelapogian (missing all the Swedes in this house now 🥺 )

last month

If the world ends before I get a chance to speed walk down the aisle to @robertsandberg , please bury me in one of the 12 dresses hanging in my closet for our would’ve-been wedding week this June 🥺

Apr 2020

Posting this purely for the paper trail of proof that I, at one point in time, from one specific angle, actually had an ass 😭😩 #LilBootysMatter