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Feb 2020

When u spot the tiger on ur own and he obliges u with just enough time to click a few pics.Visit to kanha was outstanding

Jan 2020

Waking up to flurries descending .........experiencing first snowfall of 2020 in “Queen of the hills” an amazing experience #rockvilla

Jan 2020

Snow brings the best out of her @ziva_singh_dhoni

Dec 2019

Blast from the past.when u turn the table and ask the director to deliver the dialogue specially when she keeps saying such an easy dialogue u shd do it in one take.time flies this was more than an Year back.

Oct 2019

A little help always goes a long way specially when u realise it’s a big vehicle

Oct 2019

Ziva was like why is he wearing my glasses then she goes upstairs to find hers and finally says my glasses r with me only.kids r different these days.at four and a half I won’t have even registered that I have similar sunglasses.next time she meets Ranveer I am sure she will say I have the same glasses as urs

Sep 2019

Wen U know what’s coming and start the camera and u get it in the nxt 1min, sorry for the bad light but it’s the lingo that’s fun trial ball, umpires decision last decision.brings back memory from school days.he wd have never accepted this ever happened if v didn’t have this video.all of us have witnessed this at some point of time in cricket.enjoy

May 2019

Use your Power

Apr 2019

After getting used to IPL timing this is what happens if u have a morning flight

Mar 2019

Dec 2018

As a kid whenever v got sand this was one thing v would do for sure

Dec 2018

Were you wondering who the mystery icon @Panerai_India , @Panerai and @Panerai_ME were referring to? Guess no more! I am very happy to announce my collaboration with my new Panerai family

Dec 2018

Even better when we are dancing @zivasinghdhoni006

Nov 2018

Greetings in two language

Nov 2018

Ziva’s bugs bunny @zivasinghdhoni006

Aug 2018

A bit of hugging,training, catching practice and getting unconditional love in return.priceless

Aug 2018

Very smart

Aug 2018

With 3 waterfalls around Ranchi, v cd do this whenever v wanted but now to do something like this after more than 10yrs brings back the good old memories.head massage for free

Jul 2018

Just for fun, plz try it at home.

Jul 2018

This is what happens when u keeping bossing around for the whole year and finally youngsters get a chance to give it back.thanks guys for making the day special

Jul 2018

Jun 2018

Morning walk with the pack.i think Sam knows she is my favourite so she takes the liberty of troubling everyone

May 2018

Thanks everyone for the support and Mumbai for turning yellow.Shane ‘shocking’ Watson played a shocking innings to get us through.end of a good season.Ziva doesn’t care about the trophy, wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings.

May 2018

Ziva gives me company for the last walk to the Pune dressing room for this season.thanks a lot PUNE for supporting us and turning the whole stadium yellow,hope CSK entertained you guys enough