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4 days ago

🐒 MONKEY CHALLENGE +GIVEAWAY☀️ @jessicaannstrother and I accepted @earthyandy Challenge! Tag a friend to challenge them to climb you or be your tree so you can climb them! 😂 I NOMINATE @nathan_florence @koarothman @evanmock and @mylifeaseva 🤣🙏🏽 🐒🌴 @sunriseshack and @earthyandy are pairing up to spread a dose of sunshine and gift 4 of their famous handmade tie dye T’s and ‘have a good day’ coffee mugs! TO ENTER: Climb someone and film it! Tag ( @sunriseshack + @earthyandy ) in your stories or post so we can see! There is no wrong way to do this 😂 We will announce 4 winners on Friday! If you don’t have anyone to climb, you can take a pic or video climbing an actual tree, rock, mountain, whatever! 😛🌴 Have fun!! We will be reposting your entries all week long! 📸 @michaelveltmanmedia

5 days ago

What do you do when you find a dead shark under you?!! 🦈 I was told I should have brought it to the beach so bigger sharks don’t get tempted to come to shore for a snack! But in this case the ocean decided for me and brought her back in the water. I thought If somehow it woke back up.... It would be able to breathe and swim away 🤷🏼‍♂️❤️. RIP LIL GUY! 📸 @peterkingphoto

6 days ago

UNBOXING THINGS WITH KOA! Episode 4 was so fun! Featuring the new @fcs_surf H4 fins, the life changing, hand saving Fin Puller, and the couch that inflates with WIND??? 😻😎 head over to @wsl and enjoy 💙📸 by @peterkingphoto

1 weeks ago

Hey guys! @smithbroshawaii insta is back and we are doing an EPIC #GIVEAWAY ! Click the page and see how to WIN 😻😎// New @smithbroshawaii video is Live link in BIO 🔥🙏🏽📸 @thechristianedwards

2 weeks ago

SIMBA... ONE DAY YOU WILL RULE! 🤣🔥 Comment if you want a kitten 🐱 #beachcat #kitten #lionking 📸 @michaelveltmanmedia

2 weeks ago

COULD I HAVE GONE!???? What you think!??? 🤭🦍🙈🙈 by @michaelveltmanmedia

2 weeks ago

@_matthewsmith__ asked! And we answered!! Check out our Q+A for more break downs! Link in bio! 🔥😻 by @michaelveltmanmedia

2 weeks ago

This week on Unboxing things with Koa I test the Shneeesh out of @dafinhi and get SLAMMED IN HUGE SHORE BREAK! New episode on @wsl 😻📸 @peterkingphoto

2 weeks ago

Q+A with the Smith Brothers is live! You freaks asked and we answered!! We went freaking deep covering epic topics like Health, Skeleton Bay, positivity, Growing up on Kauai and much much more! Hit the link in my Bio and Indulge 😻🔥❤️ special thanks to @michaelveltmanmedia for putting this magic together 🙏🏽❤️🔥.

3 weeks ago

This is THE team behind @smithbrothershawaii Youtube channel bringing you a new brain child every Tuesday! AND WE JUST HIT 40K SUBSCRIBErZ!!! It’s been so fun taking on this project. Coming up with a new video idea every week! HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY! Head over the the link in bio and subscribe if your not already 🔥❤️ THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT 😻🔥. @alexsmith_ @triggtrav @michaelveltmanmedia // pic @peterkingphoto

3 weeks ago

Incase you needed it, here’s some fresh air and nature sounds to sooth you ❤️. Breathe in, taste the fresh air, Relaxing exhale, repeat!

3 weeks ago

Sunday feels! CAN WE START HUGGING YET!!??? 🤣🙏🏽 @triggtrav @michaelveltmanmedia

3 weeks ago

Here’s a like snippet of one dreamy afternoon on the north shore! WAS IT EVEN REAL!?? Enjoy! 😻🔥 link in bio for more ! #gopromax 😻📸 @michaelveltmanmedia

3 weeks ago

This week on @wsl I unbox Z fastest BOOGIE ON Z PLANET ( @hubboards ) 🌎 and catch and release a furry friend! 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 New episode every Wednesday on @wsl ! 😎🔥🙏🏽 @peterkingphoto

3 weeks ago

360 CAM at z pipeline plus a little unexpected party wave with @john_john_florence 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣. NEW VLOG IS UP! LINK IN BIO! 📸 @michaelveltmanmedia

4 weeks ago

WHEN DA BLENDAH STOP I GET SO EXCITED! No can hide it! @sunriseshack 🤯🤯😻🤷🏼‍♂️📸 @jessicaannstrother

4 weeks ago

You know when a board is so good it leaves you with a feeling, a taste of sweet sweet fruitZ!? And you just need to go surf again to feel that feeling and taste that freaking taste!?? Well I unboxed and new @pyzelsurfboards Astro POP and left me with the taste of a cold watermelon popsicle on a hot hot summer day! Watch the full episode of Unboxing things with KOA! On @wsl // edit by @peterkingphoto 😻❤️

4 weeks ago

This little nugget will keep my SYKE batteries charged for a bit ❤️😎 If you could travel right now where would you go?! 📸 @michaelveltmanmedia

4 weeks ago

What the heck happens when we duck dive!??? I threw a @djiglobal action cam on the nose to further investigate!! New YouTube A day in a life with KOA is live! Link in BIO ❤️😊 edit by @michaelveltmanmedia

5 weeks ago

Unboxing things with KOA! A new series with @wsl launching tomorrow! I’ve been unboxing and testing things for weeks now! Anything from new surfboards to catch and release rat traps 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️! WHAT SHOULD I UNBOX NEXT? TELL ME IN COMMENTS BELOW! 🔥 Excited for you guys to see it : ) thank you @peterkingphoto and @wsl for this opportunity 🙏🏽♥️

last month

😻🦅 Thank you universe, God, Mother Nature, what ever you wanna call it! For another beautiful day on this planet 😻❤️😎📸 @michaelveltmanmedia

last month

No tubes today!? It’s okay just get into your surf stance and pretend this is you pumping through a glassy PIPELINE CAVE! Tag a friend you wanna get tubed with today! 😻❤️🔥😎

last month

@mikeybruneau told me There’s a 100% chance you won’t catch a wave if your on the beach! So let’s get the FOX OUT THERE!!! 🤣🙏🏽🔥 full edit in my BIO// Cut by @michaelveltmanmedia

last month

One of the coolest, CRAZIEST dances with Pipline I’ve every seen 😻🤯 and of course it’s by the Sensei UNCLE D ( @derekho1980 ) // Full recap of “The Last Swell” IN MY BIO! Check it 😻🔥🤯🙏🏽📸 Captured by the legend, @michaelveltmanmedia