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NEW YouTube series “20 @20 ” Episode 1: EVERY WIND SPORT IN ONE DAY 👇🏾

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17 hours ago

Searched up & down the south shore for somewhere to surf or foil. Ended up at this mush ball of a wave that was perfect for a FS 360. 🚀⚡️ x 🎥: @mauimarcc Board: @ktsurfing Foil: 1075 Hydros @mfchawaii @thehydrofoilcompany @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @gopro @nike @minksystems


Aloha for everyone. #blackouttuesday

2 days ago

First episode of 20 @20 has dropped on my YouTube channel! Every windsport at Hookipa in one day, from Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Wingsurfing and a special surprise at the end. Enjoy! 🚀 x 🎥: @mauimarcc @acl_cinema @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @gopro @ktsurfing

5 days ago

“20 @20 ” a NEW video series premiering every Monday on my YouTube channel! 🎥💯 @mauimarcc

2 weeks ago

Burning some turns... Kitesurfing! 🌊🏄‍♀️🪁 x 📸: @erikaederphotography @ozonekites @ktsurfing

2 weeks ago

Back to water world! Maui is truly a place where every water sport exists. Sharing a wave with @malolohawaii as I “Goiter” windsurfing 🏎💨💨 x 💦📸: @1more808 @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @gopro @ktsurfing

2 weeks ago

Race day! @redbullracing @tagheuer #98 50+ hours learning how to drive the Sim from scratch. This should be exciting! Watch on @f1 .com or their FB

2 weeks ago

I’ll be racing #98 in tomorrow’s virtual #MonacoGP with @redbullracing . I originally chose #8 as it’s always been my favorite number and was Ayrton Senna’s number. The next option was #99 since I really like the way it looks and is the last number before 100. Met in the middle with #98 and it’s grown on me, if I ever need a number in another sport and it’s not taken I’ll probably go for this one... @tagheuer @f1

2 weeks ago

Stoked to be racing in the @f1 virtual #MonacoGP with @alex_albon at @redbullracing ! I have been spending hours on the simulator trying to not hit the walls. 😂 Looking forward to a crazy race!! 🏎💨💨 Race starts at 18:00 GST or 7:00 am HST 💯 @tagheuer

3 weeks ago

Feeling like “Air Jordan” at Jaws 🦈 @nike #AirJordan 🏀💯 x 📸: @aaronlynton

3 weeks ago

Paul ( @fishbowldiaries ) who took this photo said he’d stay and shoot if I went out there and did a big aerial. I said; “got it.” A few waves later when I got washed up the rocks next to him I asked, “Was that one good?” He said; “That’ll do.” Packed up his gear and left. 💯💯💯 x @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @gopro @nike @goyawindsurfing @quatrowindsurfing

3 weeks ago

Just when we thought that was it for north swells, we are gifted another! Half way through May too. Maybe we will get another another few swells into June. 🌊🏄‍♀️ 📸: @tallteef @hurley @hurley_lahaina

3 weeks ago

A sign that it was a good day spent on the water... the garage is messy 💯💯💯 x @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @gopro @ktsurfing @mfchawaii @thehydrofoilcompany

3 weeks ago

On @namotuisland helping my brother @ridgelenny learn how to flying a trainer Kite! Not to soon after he went out on a long board for his first kitesurfing experience. He must’ve been 7 and myself 11 at the time. Still my favorite best place in the world for every water sport. 🌊🏄🏾🪁

3 weeks ago

Flying on the way out, shredding a wave on the way in. This jump with @ricardo_campello was classic, he bailed and I nearly landed on him. Good thing we’re professionals lol 😎 This is one of my favorite parts of Windsurfing, flying through the air with friends! 🤘🏾💯 x 📸: @fishbowldiaries @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @gopro @goyawindsurfing @quatrowindsurfing

4 weeks ago

I have never felt so fast! 🏎💨💨💨 #TheExotic #QuarentineCuts #Speed #MudFlap #WithGreatSpeedComesGreatResponsibility

4 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day! I know speed because of her 😎🚀 @paulalenny

4 weeks ago

Using straps have been a huge help for my shortboard surfing. My air awareness and comfort level has gone way up because of it. The learning curve on tricks has been cut in half, since every wave has a good section to hit. Another great board to have in the arsenal on the quest of having FUN! 🚀🚀🚀 x 🎥: @henspen @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @ktsurfing @gopro

4 weeks ago

How I wish we could be getting double barreled at Jaws right now. So fun going for it with @nathan_florence this last winter! ❄️🤺 x photo: @briansolanoinc @goflymaui @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @gopro @ktsurfing

4 weeks ago

One way to get the adrenaline pumping!😳🤪🚀🤺💀 x 📸: @tim_bonython_swellchasers @hurley @tagheuer @redbull @nike @gopro

4 weeks ago

Remembering a session at Mavericks well over a year ago. What fun that was! Always looking forward to another session out there with the Big Wave crew. 🤘🏾💯 I posted the full video from the session on my YouTube channel, link is also in my profile. 🧙🏿‍♂️ x 📸: @donaldmiralle @hurley @redbull @tagheuer @nike @gopro @ktsurfing

5 weeks ago

@ridgelenny @kodykerbox and myself went for a 5 mile run from Maliko to Sugar Cove. Wind started out light with lots of chit chat 💭 before the wind kicked in around Kuau and we were hauling at a top speed of 24 mph. #GoPro @gopro 🚀🚀🚀

5 weeks ago

Riding and flying with the hard wing from @kitewingllc this afternoon. I am really excited to see what sort of gear we will be using in the next few years. So fun experimenting and figuring it all out that’s for sure. The kitewing in the clip is a 3.0 m and I stuck a harness line on the boom but didn’t use it much. If I were racing I’d probably be using it to leverage more power and go faster. @gopro #gopro 🧑🏾‍🎤🦅 x @hurley @tagheuer @redbull @nike @ktsurfing