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5 weeks ago

@hannah .eaton wanted bagels for breakfast, so we made bagels. So worth the effort. #teamfatandsassy #quarantinebod

last month

My beautiful friend @donnaraftis surprised me with a delicious red velvet birthday on quarantine cake this week. It was so cute, the girls lit the candles and “surprised” me. It made my night. Donna was delivering groceries to us for what feels like the 15th time. She’s an incredible woman. I haven’t been to a grocery store since the 14th of March. Spending my birthday in, not having to work and doing a lot of hanging out with the girls was great. Make the best of this downtime and focus on the little things that make your heart happy. 💜

Feb 2020

Nora from the North Poses for treats. Likes car rides when the car is parked. Doesn’t love the bath but she likes to join me in the shower. Has faint heart shaped patches around her eyes. Hard to believe this “little” girl is only 3 months old. #norafromthenorth #brownhusky #browndog #puppylove #puppy #noraofthenorth #puppiesofinstagram #huskypuppy

Jan 2020

Nora of the North When you wake up and there is a little bear in your house 🐻🐶 Nora aka Charlie aka Charlotte had a 2 day road trip to come visit. 9 weeks old, smart and sweet. Maybe I just might keep her. #noraofthenorth #thoseeyes #puppy #puppylove #norafromthenorth #immakeepher

Dec 2019

Dec 2019

Chasing Autumn...or hiding from winter. I learned that I’m pretty excellent at riding in golf carts, the geese really know whats up, blueberry trees are beautiful in the fall and cutting through the field is slightly better than the dirt roads. Was a Happy Thanksgiving in the south.

Oct 2019

Weekend wanders along the river

Sep 2019

My best guy.

Sep 2019

Attention to details... @nolaredhead 💍

Sep 2019

Yesterday touring the UofT campus. My goodness it’s absolutely beautiful and I certainly underestimated how massive it is. I look forward to going back soon to visit and take a million pictures. p.s. @hannah .eaton it’s your time!your new chapter and your new world have just opened up so much, what a perfect place for you ❤️

Aug 2019

Probably my new favourite place to camp. So quiet and beautiful . (Until the Scandinavian girls in the next site got up early all happy like and made a bunch of noise )

Aug 2019

Evening swim in the Bay of Fundy

Aug 2019

Duck breast with spicy noodles and kimchee purée @setokitchenbar I haven’t made a food post in awhile but I really enjoyed this night out. The drinks were tasty, meal was was delicious and well balanced, the service was also excellent.

Aug 2019

Another day beautiful day in St. John’s. Working hard keeping @craftbrewsbraah on task.

Aug 2019

Moody day in St. John’s. But it’s still lovely to wander.

Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Hannah-Rose! We celebrated with some sweet treats, Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria, dinner out with @vtessier1 and @trudeaub in the Byward Market, then caught the Sound of Light Fireworks display over the River which was a surprisingly magical ending to a really special day!

Aug 2019

Rose of Sharon - my new addition bloomed happily for me this morning. Fingers crossed rooting will happen #rootingforroots #goodmorning #flowers #roseofsharon #newblooms #beauty

Aug 2019

My Dad sent me a recipe last night for Vegan Chocolate Banana Pancakes. I woke up thinking I should make them. So I did. And took all of the vegan out of them when I adjusted the recipe. #brefkist #holidaymonday #pancakes #makingbananapancakes #goodmorning #thanksdad

Jul 2019

Fish and Chips adventures involving detours, country roads and parking problems. Great day.

Jun 2019

So 14 years of school lunches have come to an end... High school was 4 years of watching you work yourself to tears at times, so much hard work, so focused, so brilliant, so stressed, such achievement. You are so brave to have made the move to All Saints in your final year. I admire you. It has all paid off, and away you will go to Victoria College at University of Toronto in September for a BSc in Life Sciences -Molecular Genetics & Microbiology. Hannah Rose you should be so proud. ❤️ #ash2019 #allsaints2019 #graduation #sowhatyagonnastressaboutnow

Apr 2019

High water in Shirley’s Brook. I love the moody day and the pretty little creek, kinda makes me feel like I don’t live in the burbs. #kanata #ottawa #springtime #pretty #shirleysbrook #10kmwalk

Apr 2019

This guy was going to come all the way from St. John’s to Ottawa today to have a visit with me for my birthday before he carries on to MTL for an adventure. Things didn’t work out as planned but it’s the thought that counts and that alone made my day special. Lucky to be loved ❤️

Mar 2019


Jan 2019

Fresh baked Double Chocolate Espresso Muffins and Coffee for a late brunch at 9:30pm. #dontjudge #chocolateforbreakfast