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•Professional Surfer •2017-2018 WSL Big Wave World Champion •Certified @xptlife Coach • @uproarfitness_ns •Proud of my family @tahitilovesu

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Happiest birthday to the wifey. @tahitilovesu ❤️



2 days ago

I can’t imagine life without you son. Happy 5th Birthday my Hazey boy!❤️

5 days ago

Can’t say enough good things about you @carlkemper . One of a kind, my idol in every way. Happy Birthday big bro!❤️

3 weeks ago

Smart energy❄️ @ashocenergy

3 weeks ago

Friday in Cali vs at home... My family is my motivation.❤️

4 weeks ago

I love you mom.❤️

4 weeks ago

Mother’s Day should be everyday because you deserve every bit of recognition for the amazing mom you are. We are so thankful for everything you do, your love is endless. Happy Mother’s Day @tahitilovesu ❤️

4 weeks ago

Our world has had a collective pause to do life at a slower pace, to consider our effect on the planet, to learn and to change. We recognize that this is all part of a bigger picture, that these are steps on a path we’re creating toward a sustainable future. Comment today on @reef ‘s latest post what you pledge to do to reduce negative impact on the ocean. For every comment, @reef donate $5 to @Surfrider & @robmachadofoundation . We can do better together! #BetterBeachAlliance #PauseLearnDoBetter 💙bk

5 weeks ago

Very grateful for all the help and support. Step by step and breath by breath the last month has been a battle but these are some of the moments that take all the pain away... #roadtorecovery #BILLY @wsl

last month

Shots fired!💨 🎥: @johnnydpbp

last month

Being able to pass on the knowledge of providing food for your family is so special. This was Hazey boys first catch on his own and I can’t tell you how proud I am.🐟

last month

Quarantine homework with Hazey boy...😂

last month

Very proud to represent @medterracbd and especially during a time like this where health is very much needed. We all know someone who is facing this pandemic in ways we could never imagine, putting their lives at risk with long nights, early mornings and unknown outcomes. If you, your family, or friends are are currently serving us on the front lines of healthcare or emergency responders Medterra simply wants to give you all a FREE tincture of CBD! Tag anyone you know who would qualify on this post and Medterra’s recent dedicated post to let them know! Hit the link in @medterracbd bio to apply!❤️

last month

Turned 30 today and I got best gift on earth! Thank you @tahitilovesu for our family. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Appreciate all bday love and support from everyone!❤️ 📹: @tiarabellaaa

Apr 2020

Much needed family time.❤️

Apr 2020

My mom, my hero, and my guardian angel. Can’t believe it’s been two years. I love and miss you so much mom. #lovelikelisa

Mar 2020

Lookin back at a trip of a lifetime with some really special people in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, Morocco.🙏🏽 🎥: @arefrapwell

Mar 2020

Continued respect and support from my @ashocenergy family. Stoked to keep flyin the flag!🤙🏽

Mar 2020

Two weeks post surgery on the grind.🔥 #mambamentality

Mar 2020

Just wanted to check in with everyone and say how grateful I am for all the positive energy and prayers. Today marks 8 days from my pelvis surgery and I feel like we’re off to a great start thanks to my amazing team. I am nothing without you guys and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this road to recovery. We have some really cool stuff in the works that will showcase exactly what I went through to how I return to what I love. More info coming soon... @tahitilovesu @carlkemper @teamdrg @doctor .masi @wsl @lairdhamiltonsurf @gabbyreece

Mar 2020

Positive energy.🙏🏽 @ashocenergy

Feb 2020

Overwhelmed in the amount of love and support after a pretty bad accident yesterday. Very grateful for this crew right here but most importantly I wanna thank @jerome_sahyoun for everything you’ve done for me, you are my brother for life. I’ll be back stronger then ever.🙏🏽 @wsl

Feb 2020

As most of you know I’ve been working with @medterracbd for quite some time now and CBD is now a huge part of my daily routine. What most people don’t know, is how I stumbled upon CBD to begin with... I was looking for natural products to help my mom with her nausea, sleep, and lack of hunger during her illness. Everyone I asked and all the research I did kept leading us to CBD. After adding it to her daily routine it was a huge help in putting a smile on her face in difficult times and just all around making her feel better. I immediately added to my daily routine and seen a lot of positive changes in my recovery and sleep. I don’t go a day without a few droppers of the 1000mg CBD tincture. Because a lot of you have expressed interest in trying CBD, I teamed up with Medterra to give you a special offer. If you’re new to CBD but have been wanting to try, use code ‘cbdbilly’ to get a 1000mg tincture for $29.99 (usually $55.99 ). This is an add but also something I truly believe will help you feel better daily, hope to hear some positive feedback from all you legends soon! -BK🤠