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4 days ago

We’ll continue to stand up for what is right. We’ll continue to stand up for equality. We’ll continue to do for us what this world just can’t seem to do. We’ll continue to speak out. #blacklivesmatter

5 days ago

They try and tell us all lives matter. But how is that so, when it seems like black lives don’t count. How can you tell us to calm down when we are constantly being attacked. They say you don’t fight fire with fire, but when we fight water with fire, they just add more gasoline. My people are tired. I am tired. My parents are tired. My siblings are tired. My family is tired. BLACK people are tired. It’s sad that we have to live in a world with so much hate. They say we are all equal, but I’ve never seen it that way. They’re afraid of the color of our skin as if we’ve ever done anything to them. How can you judge anyone, how can you harass anyone, how is it that you kill anyone BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN? This shit isn’t normal, it was never normal. But in their eyes the shit is normalized and THATS NOT OKAY. I want better. We want better. Until we get better don’t tell us to be quiet. Because when we are, things still aren’t being changed. Don’t tell us to march peacefully, because when we do, we still are being beat, harassed, and killed. FOR NO REASON. Don’t point out what’s going on with our community, until you point out the bigger problem that started with this twisted world. I’m am mourning for my people who have lost their lives because of the color of their skin. I am mourning for my people who lost their lives at the hands of a cop. I’m sorry that this world couldn’t get it together. Just know I will do better. I will try and do everything in my power to do better. The change starts with one person, and I don’t mind being one of them. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

4 weeks ago

Accept yourself just as you are 🔲

4 weeks ago

It won’t feel like this foreverrr ⬛️

4 weeks ago

Wassssssup, been a minute since we’ve kicked it 🟫

Nov 2019

I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the right one ✨

Oct 2019

Black is beautiful, Shorty, black is bold, black is black, true but black is gold ✨

Oct 2019

Said I wasn’t made right, said I wasn’t cut right, that’s why I’m so lonely 🍷

Sep 2019

You wouldn’t understand 😌

Jul 2019

Death Note 🔪

Jul 2019

Addictions 🌬

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